Privacy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy Merton

The staff at Fast Cleaners Merton vow to go the extra mile to ensure the complete safety, security, and privacy of their customers. We will never share your private information with any third party. Your email address, phone number, and physical address will not be shared with marketers or anyone else for that matter. You can rest easy when you provide your private information to our staff.

We do not take responsibility for accidents or mishaps. We have the right to cancel any client at any time for any reason without prior notice. All of your credit card information or other financial information will also be kept one hundred percent safe. Your personal data is secured and guaranteed to be one hundred percent safe. Our cleaning company may collect your IP address, but it will be kept completely confidential.

You can trust us with your valuable information. We will not compromise your identity or financial information. We may keep a record of all transactions and correspondences that we have with our clients, but this information is also kept safe and secure. Electronic forms may be used to collect your data.

Our website is also completely secure. We go the extra mile to encrypt all financial and personal information of our clients. In fact, it is our mission at Fast Cleaners Merton to protect our customers. We do not disclose your private information for marketing or any other purpose. You will only be contacted by third parties if you provide us with consent to pass along your information. If you do not give us permission to share your information, it will be kept private. You have the right to have your information protected. You also have the right to have your information shared if that is what you want.

To discuss our cleaning services, cleaning prices and other information in details, you can directly call us on 020 3095 8264.